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Stalin’s Priests

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Winner Editors Choice Award!

Stalin’s Priests is an historical fiction suspense thriller with the Vatican and the rise of Stalinist Russia as the backdrop. It’s a story of good vs Evil, of fallen men and redemption, and a compelling, heartbreaking love story.

Imagine the “Da Vinci Code” with “Bourne Identity” action and suspense!

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Anne Wiser
★★★★★ Mesmerizing

The characters were well developed. The events seemed to be happening. The story moved quickly. While, at the beginning, several events happened separately, they were gathered together beautifully and seamlessly. I loved it.and I’m hard to please.
Marc Kaplan
★★★★★ Jeffrey Archer step aside

This first book by Erik and Rita Brandin was beyond expectations. I’m a huge Jeffrey Archer and Ken Follett fan. This book was that level. I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended
Teri M
★★★★★ Fabulous book..

I was captivated from the beginning and read it all in one day. I would recommend it highly, and not just for Catholics.

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